“I would like to thank you on behalf of my company for the certificate, gifts, and for that unforgettable evening, which allowed us to honor the memory of Gabriel, to hear his voice, see his friends, and the talented woman he loved...” (Aigul Koichumanova,

 "AKoichumanova&Partners" LTD, Kazakhstan).


 “I am still very impressed by everything I experienced at the conference: communication with my colleagues, Calvert Markham’s training…  For me this was such a great school...  The award encourages me to contribute even more to the development of consulting market in Tajikistan.  The award allowed me to feel more confident, and the knowledge and skills gained from Calvert’s training allowed me to better assess my work and to understand that my team is on the right path.  I have already received proposals for work outside of Tajikistan...” (Farzona Tilavova, Kamolot-1, Tajikistan).


“Thank you for this conference and the award, which you have created in Gabriel’s memory! This is important, honorable, and very beautiful. I wish much success and continuous growth to you and the Foundation!” (Vitaliy Nechiporenko, Director, CBS Perspektiva, Kyiv, Ukraine
PHD, Associate Professor, Senior lecturer of insurance V.Hetman KNEU)



“Traveling to Bishkek for me was rather a business trip than something personal. Coming back from Almaty, celebrating the successful border crossing...  was absolutely personal. So, thanks to Viktoria, and Gulsum [Chairman, “CMC Kazakhstan”] for organizing such event where we could became friends besides being potential business partners.

Due to this award we – Vialto Consulting – have started good media publicity!” (Florian Kugler, Vialto Consulting, Hungary)



“I would like to say that it was fantastic to attend the event in Bishkek and the training in Almaty with the support of Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation. I learned a lot and found good new ideas there. It was really helpful to me. I was very happy to meet many consultants from different countries and to have opportunities to exchange opinions, experiences and challenges. I enjoyed all of the activities; they are not to be forgotten! I was really impressed and motivated by your heartfelt and hardworking aspirations to support Consultants.” (Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat, Executive Director, Development Solutions NGO, Mongolia)