2012 (Announced on February 1, 2013 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic)

Congratulations to the winners of Gabriel Al-Salem International Award for Excellence in Consulting 2012!

1st Place- Consulting Project of the Year

Lola Umatalieva, Constanta LLC, Kyrgyz Republic

Project: HR Development for Nuristan LLC, Kyrgyz Republic

Ms. Umatalieva of Constanta LLC was awarded first place for her work on developing an effective HR department for Nuristan LLC, a young and dynamic company with an HR division only in its nascent form. Addressing the problems of developing an effective HR department that could competently manage issues involving personnel training, the delineation of functional units and job duties within each department, developing a yet unformed corporate culture, and creating a clear HR strategy, Constanta LLC set the following goals for the project:

  1. Create a comprehensive HR-department that included searching for qualified applicants, actively developing recruitment techniques, and developing targeted training for HR staff.
  2. Assist in the effective operation of HR-division and the development of an HR strategy.
  3. Establish and formalize the principles of personnel policy.
  4. Comprehensively describe the functions of all departments and individual staff positions according to the new organizational structure suggested by the consultants at Constanta LLC.
  5. Build an adequate system of assessment and evaluation for performance of the management and staff.
  6. Initiate the formation of a new corporate culture, including a new dress code, developing company traditions and celebrations, organizing monthly staff report meetings, and establishing House Rules regarding professionalism and ethics.
  7. Umatalieva is happy to report that “all of the ideas, goals and results are still actively maintained by the company management and therefore are ongoing and beneficial. I am also very pleased to see how the company HR personnel have developed as HR specialists. In my view, the uniqueness and importance of the consulting project is the fact that with our help the company and staff have discovered the true meaning of the HR specialist profession.”

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (Office) +996-312-310-594, (Mobile) +996-550-516-070

Address: 81, Umetaliev Str., Apt. 18

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 720001

1st Place- Consulting Project of the Year

Vialto Consulting, Hungary

Project: Technical Assistance and Data Collection for Strengthening the Statistical Capacity of the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock

In collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock, the project set to reform the system of collecting agricultural statistics, aligning them with EU guidelines and standards. Vialto Consulting of Budapest, Hungary worked diligently observing the developments in this sector, made international comparisons, and aided in the design a sustainable agricultural policy over the years.

The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the harmonization of the acquis on statistics, particularly by improving the capacity at selected data providers other than TurkStat.

The purpose of the project was to improve quality of the statistical data provided by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MoFAL), by means of:

  1. Conducting training organizations at central and provincial level.
  2. Introducing new methodologies on early estimation of yield.
  3. Improving knowledge of staff on survey design and collection of more reliable data in line with EU.
  4. Analyzing the current structure and identifying the tasks and responsibilities for building an EU compliant system for agricultural statistics.

The project was successful and yielded several positive results, such as optimizing efficiency for data collection systems MFAL and TurkStat, introducing of new methods of assessing productivity (including the use of satellite images), empowering MFAL staff to conduct surveys and generate agricultural data in line with EU standards and requirements, effectively teaching the mastering of statistical methodologies and techniques to MFAL staff and other relevant agricultural stakeholders in the Konya and Adana provinces, and developing the infrastructure for the establishment of Farm Registry TİKAS; a strategy for its completion has been suggested and a viable updating procedure has been outlined.

Florian Kruger of Vialto Consulting expressed his gratitude upon receiving the Gabriel Al-Salem Award for Consulting Project of the year, “Traveling to Bishkek for me was rather a business trip than something personal. Coming back from Almaty, celebrating the successful border crossing... was absolutely personal. So, thanks to the Foudation for organizing such an event where we could become friends in addition to potential business partners.Due to this award we – Vialto Consulting – have started good media publicity!”

Address: 169 Váci Street

Budapest, Hungary H-1138

Phone: (Office) +36-1/412-4455, (Mobile) +36 20 464 2569

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.vialto.hu

2nd Place- Consulting Project of the Year

Eastern Consulting Group, Ukraine

Project: Market research for growth stimulators in agriculture

Eastern Consulting Group worked closely with the leadership and stakeholders of Himvoskprom Ltd, which planned to increase of its production of plant growth stimulants (humates of sodium, potassium and ammonium) and complex organic-mineral fertilizers from 20% to 40% of all its products. To launch full-fledged technological production, Himvoskprom Ltd lacked solid understanding of the market for plant growth stimulators in order to launch the new program.

Eastern Consulting Group’s unique and specified knowledge of the market enabled it to implement the following plan for a professional market analysis, which would become the foundation for assessment of production volumes, equipment selection for production lines, and choice of infrastructure and necessary staff. Consultants conducted:

  1. Market analysis of plant growth stimulators and main players, in which consultants prepared a general overview of the market (trends, prospects, consumption, export, import). The main stimulators’ producers and distributors, as well as large consumers, were also identified and analyzed.
  2. Comparative analysis of stimulators and technologies, where consultants analyzed industry technology and practices that enabled them to show the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s product in light of their alternatives.
  3. Identification of potential customers and estimation of possible volumes to be produced and sold.
  4. Assessment of effectiveness of launching full-fledged production, including estimation of necessary production capacity, risk and sensitivity assessment, forecast of sales volumes, and identification of sales channels and profitability level. Should the project provide sufficient grounds for launching technological production of liquid humates, Himvoskprom Ltd will improve production productivity and overall profitability.

Eastern Consulting Group was eager to participate in the award selection process: “Our participation in the Gabriel Al-Salem Award for Excellence in Consulting gives Eastern Consulting Group an opportunity to receive an independent evaluation of our professional intentions. On the other hand we want to share our experience. We want to let our potential clients now that Eastern Consulting Group works in accordance with the best practices of consulting services.”

1st Place- Consultant of the Year

Development Solutions NGO, Mongolia

Established in August 2008, Development Solutions is a Mongolian non-governmental organization (NGO) with a mission to improve the quality of community life, develop Mongolian business capacity, and support environmentally-sound social and economic growth with innovative and results-oriented solutions. Their core focus is management consulting services targeting on emerging small and medium enterprises in different industries.

In addition, the organization provides corporate and vocational training, technology consulting, business environment research and study, loan and financial service facilitation, business linkage services between large buyers and producers, children & youth financial education, community development programs, and information services.

Development Solutions strives to provide comprehensive business development solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs. Employees utilize proven business development methods and key experience to build the capacity of Mongolia’s small and medium-sized businesses. Development Solutions is a progressive, independent, non-profit organization committed to the economic development of Mongolia, delivering consulting services committed to a high standard of ethics at affordable fees.

The companies who have implemented Development Solutions NGO’s business counseling advice have experienced benefits such as growth in sales, improved internal management, adaptation to changes in the market, improvements to production standards, utilizing new technology, and greater access to loans and other forms of financing have also distinguished Development Solution NGO’s results from other firms.

I would like to say that it was fantastic to attend the event in Bishkek and the training in Almaty with the support of Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation. I learned a lot and found good new ideas there. It was really helpful to me. I was very happy to meet many consultants from different countries and to have opportunities to exchange opinions, experiences, and challenges. I enjoyed all of the activities; they are not to be forgotten! I was really impressed and motivated by [the Foundation’s] heartfelt and hardworking aspirations to support Consultants.” -Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat, Executive Director, Development Solutions NGO, Mongolia

Address: Suite-402, Unity Center Building

Student Street 44, 8th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 15160

Phone: (Office) +976-77224007, (Mobile) +976-99105949

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.dsmongolia.org

2nd Place- Consultant of the Year

Magenta Consulting, Republic of Moldova

Established in 2006, Magenta Consulting is a business consulting company specializing in social and marketing research. The founders of the company have considerable experience in consulting services, and provide services that address the private sector, public sector, and non-governmental organizations. Now, the company consists of 22 full-time consultants and about 500 interviewers performing surveys throughout whole country.

Mutual confidence, respect and loyalty are the core values on which the company’s relations are consolidated. Magenta’s business approach and initiatives are aiming on long-term relationships and reciprocal benefits, and their mission is to offer professional assistance to clients through consulting services such as marketing research, feasibility studies, business development, marketing planning, and export promotion.

Every year, new models are developed for clients offering not just consumer research but advanced techniques for monitoring and exploring. Magenta Consulting continuously invests in training and participation in international conferences to facilitate knowledge transfer for its employees.

During the last 7 years, Magenta Consulting has successfully implemented about 500 research projects and was the first company in Moldova acknowledged by ESOMAR in 2008, thus following the international standards and assuring the highest quality in research by applying modern and unique solutions for data collection, input and interpretation.

Address: 86 Columna Street, 3rd floor

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD-2012

Phone: (Office) +373 22 854384, (Mobile) +373 794 67559

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website www.consulting.md

3rd Place- Consultant of the Year

MCT Agency, Turkmenistan

MCT (Management Consulting and Training) Agency was founded in 2000 as an entity primarily concerned with implementing projects in the non-profit sector. Operating in Turkmenistan has been a peculiar experience for consultants at MCT Agency, as the field of management consulting is almost non-existent in Turkmenistan. Therefore, MCT Agency was happy to participate in the Gabriel Al-Salem International Conference “Consulting Without Borders” to educate their employees and communicate with colleagues about best practices in the consultancy industry.

As of 2006, they have since re-positioned themselves in the business market and in addition to services in management consulting; MCT Agency has launched recruiting services, business training, and marketing research and analytics. With over 100 successful projects, 90 fruitful training sessions, and 50 marketing projects, MCT Agency is proud to have survived for many years in the unfriendly market of Turkmenistan and is the first and only company in Turkmenistan which has been qualified by a BAS program as a company working in the sphere of management consulting.

In addition to its two partners Galina Kalagina and Daniil Maykovskiy, the company has a staff of 4 more consultants and 3 office staff implementing the marketing research.

Address: Office #18, 2nd floor

33/O. Kuliev Street

Ashgabad, Turkmenistan 744004

Phone: (Office) +993 12 22 08 07, (Mobile) +993 12 34 09 86

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.mctagency.com

3rd Place- Consultant of the Year

Bomont Consulting, Morocco

Bomont consulting is a consulting and training firm working in various fields of training and business support. The firm is headed by Dr. Mounir Diouri, PhD- former director in an institute of higher learning and professor of microbiology. Dr. Diouri possesses extensive experience in the field of business support in the areas of hygiene, HACCP certification, and quality certifications.

His work in the support and implementation of quality management system: HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 17025 as well as technical training in the areas of hygiene, quality and food technology commercialization has distinguished himself and Bomont Consulting as consultants of the year.

By being actively involved in training, engineering research and development, and systems auditing and diagnostics; Bomont is surrounded by employees with by great skills in the areas of quality management, food science, laboratory control, and business communications.

Bomont Consulting is also passionate about the continuation of fair trade in Morocco by participating in project regarding the traditional production of argon oil. They also work actively with local students, ensuring their understanding of the economic reality of cooperatives and helping them market their products internationally.

Address: 6, Rue Ibnou Al Jaouzi

Quartier de Hôpitaux

Casablanca, Morocco 20360

Phone: (Office) 212 522 47 34 22, (Mobile) 212 661 31 59 99

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1st Place- Consulting Without Borders

Roman Valkulchuk, Kazakhstan

As a PhD Candidate and Researcher in Economics at the Private University of Goettingen, Germany, and Country Director for Kazakhstan at the Central Asian Development Institute, Mr. Valkulchuk has distinguished himself as a highly competent and professional consultant.

As a consultant, he consistently strives to provide people and companies with more social and business opportunities in various countries, to contribute to more intensive integration between consultants in Central Asia by means of active cooperation with international consultants and researchers, and to raise environmental awareness and promote environmentally-friendly activities and strategies in the private companies he consults.

While working as a project leader in from 2010 – 2012, he devoted himself to the study of formal and informal barriers to trade in services in Central Asia, which preclude domestic companies from entering markets of neighbor countries. The project was organized by the World Bank, Economic Education and Research Consortium, Kiev School of Economics, and the BAS Program in Kazakhstan. The project helped establish contacts and foster cooperation between consultants and researchers from Central Asia, Ukraine and the US and well as the results being published and disseminated by the World Bank.

As the fellow founder and country director for the Central Asian Development Institute, his main objectives have been to raise awareness of the population of Central Asia in economic, social and environmental development of the region, promoting the integration processes between the countries of Central Asia in the field of economic development, innovate and facilitate technological development in the region, and call attention to the effects of climate change in Central Asia.

As a consultant, he assisted and provided consulting services for an elaboration of the project on efficient water-use practices in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. To address the issue of inefficient water management, a limited labor force, and time constraints for irrigation, Mr. Valkulchuk advised on the use of SAVE IT technologies to eliminate the possibility of flooding and to prevent water from being wasted. As a result, the use of SAVE IT effectively addressed water loss issues and offered labor efficient solutions to managing water efficiently in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The cooperation within this project additionally strengthened cooperation between consultants in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Roman describes his professional goals as a consultant and his gratitude for being named a “Consultant Without Borders”: “I always sought to learn from successful experiences of other people. Therefore, I would like to say that I am very happy as the life had provided me with the priceless opportunity to meet and work together with Gabriel Al-Salem, who was a source of endless inspiration to me in regards to my professional development. Working in countries with difficult political and economic environments, Gabriel was able to tackle many challenges and actively promote the consulting profession. Being inspired by Gabriel’s example I am driven by the idea to make my own contribution to assist individual entrepreneurs, consultants and countries in achieving their development goals. I am aware of the obstacles, which preclude Central Asian countries from effective implementation of economic reforms and I seek to contribute to eliminating these barriers and achieving their development goals.”

Address: Mittelweg 56

Hamburg, Germany 20149

Phone: (Office) +491749624857, (Mobile) +491749624857

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2nd Place- Consulting Without Borders

Kamolot 1, Tajikistan

The main activities of the Kamolot 1 consulting group is increasing the awareness on quality management systems (QMS), training to the principles of QMS, and the implementation of ISO standards in all economic sectors of Tajikistan.

Working in Ghana from May to November 2011 under the ITC Private Sector Development Program project “Joining Forces to Empower the African Private Sector Network to Strengthen the International Competitiveness of SMEs”, consultants at Kamolot 1 had to answer the need for initiating the food safety-related process at the enterprise level and through the sustainable support of local Trainers-cum-Counsellors (TcCs).

Kamolot 1 emphasized the importance of increasing quality and safety of products in order to facilitate the entrance of local products to foreign markets. Their work strives to integrate Tajikistan into the world economic system and WTO accession.

During their experience in Ghana, Kamolot 1 was able to share its experience and knowledge and to facilitate technology transfer to other countries during and after the completion of this project. This was done using the ITC advisory services in the area of Export Quality Management by building awareness on food safety pre-requisites and implementation of international food safety norms HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points) in five selected enterprises from the agro-processing sector and on coaching five TcCs on the same.

Working with colleagues from India as the team of International Consultants on Food Safety, they trained and coached the TcCs and provided individual consultancy services that empowered the enterprises to implement action plans for food safety systems according to HACCP norms. By doing so, they truly consulted without borders, and were happy to report that the project ended successfully.

Farzona Tilavova expresses her appreciation for being recognized for her work in Ghana, “I am still very impressed by everything I experienced at the conference: communication with my colleagues, [the] training, etc… The award encourages me to contribute even more to the development of consulting market in Tajikistan. It allowed me to feel more confident, and the knowledge and skills gained from the training allowed me to better assess my work and to understand that my team is on the right path. I have already received more proposals for work outside of Tajikistan...”

Address: Somoni Str., 105/5, 18

Dushanbe, Tajikistan 734019

Phone: (Office) +992 92 771 70 16, (Mobile) +992 92 771 70 16

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website www.kamolot1.tj

3rd Place- Consulting Without Borders

Malik Abakirov, Kyrgyz Republic

Mr. Abakirov’s distinguished himself as a consultant without borders from his work on a project with Altyn Ajydar LLC of Kyrgyzstan. After attracting a loan from the IDC, Altyn Ajydar LLC planned to construct a plant for the production of paper packaging products (including cardboard, boxes, etc.) in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Mr. Abakirov worked to implement this task with subsidiaries "Intermultiservice" in Kazakhstan after being asked by Altyn Ajydar LLC to develop a new business plan with the additional support of the EBRD BAS Program.

Altyn Ajydar (AA) is a leading producer of corrugated packaging in the Kyrgyz Republic and a long-term IFC client with sales of $5.4 million in 2010. AA’s management had identified a strong demand for packaging in Kazakhstan in line with the growth potential of the agribusiness, food processing, appliances, and consumer goods sectors. AA wished to expand its production and sales to neighboring Kazakhstan in order to become closer to its main market and clients.

Following Mr. Abakirov’s proposed business plan and attracting sufficient funds from the IFC, Altyn Ajydar reaped the benefits of longer term financing that is currently unavailable in the local market in sufficient amounts, continue expansion of an existing viable clientele in an IDA country to larger markets in Kazakhstan despite the effects of the global financial crisis in Kyrgyzstan, and improve safety, labor, health, and environmental practices as well as provide advice on corporate governance in both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

As a result, this project Created more than 100 new jobs in both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and is one of the few projects in Kyrgyzstan in which a new plant was built in a foreign country (Kazakhstan).

Malik Abakirov described the positive effects of the hosting the Gabriel Al-Salem International Conference “Consulting Without Borders” on the consulting field in his home republic, “I would like to thank you for the wonderfully organized conference. Our consulting industry has received a new fresh impulse for its development. The growing number of the conference and the award participants is the proof that these events are so much needed for consultants. As a banker and a bank CEO I can state that consulting does help with the company’s growth, helping find investments and develop new markets. Often even large companies don’t have specialists with such level of expertise as consultants. This is why they hire management consultants and as a result receive new perspectives for their development. My best wishes to Gabriel’s Foundation!”

Address: 33/27, Umetalieva, Street

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720017

Phone: (Mobile) 0-996-557-574454

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1st Place- Most Dynamic Association

CMC Kazakhstan

CMC Kazakhstan is a non-for-profit organization established in 2010 by a group of experienced Kazakhstani consultants. It is currently the only management consultants association in Kazakhstan. CMC Kazakhstan is a full member of ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) and currently has 70 members from 14 Kazakhstan regions. Nine of their members have become Certified Management Consultants (CMC®). The members also include consultants from the USA, Russia and Turkmenistan.

The mission of CMC Kazakhstan is to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education and professional resources.

CMC Kazakhstan provides CMC certification for individual management consultants who conform to the international standards of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), which sets global standards of technical competence and professional conduct for consultants in 50 nations.

CMC Kazakhstan also provides, through member services, profession advocacy services, national conferences, online resources, chapter events, trainings and its diverse and experienced membership a full range of professional development opportunities. Finally, the collective talent and experience of the CMC Kazakhstan network of consultants, many of whom are recognized experts in their disciplines or industries, provides a superior resource to help members increase value to their clients, enhance effectiveness of client organizations, and improve the quality of our communities.

CMC Kazakhstan has been supporting The Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation since the very first day. Active members of CMC Kazakhstan dedicate their time and efforts to further develop and promote the Foundation and its activities.

To continue Gabriel’s dedication to developing management consulting as a profession in Kazakhstan, CMC Kazakhstan organized five large events in the last two years, which in total united about 360 participants and more than 350 consultants.

By professionalizing the field each day, CMC Kazakhstan has actively upheld Gabriel Al-Salem’s standard of excellence for management consultants in Kazakhstan.

Address: Micro district Orbita-2-1-31

Almaty, Kazakhstan 050043

Phone: (Office) +7(727) 2554345, (Mobile) +7 701 533 68 18

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website www.cmc.kz

2nd Place- Most Dynamic Association

Mongolian Management Consultant’s Institute

MMCI’s goal is to contribute to the enhancement and development of Mongolian management consultancy industry, maintain the industry, and to protect consultants’ rights. To be successful, Mongolia Management Consultant’s Institute emphasizes market-intensive knowledge, creative knowledge, and most importantly, quality of services to keep pace with constant change.

To achieve their goals, MMCI organizes and manages the processes of knowledge sharing among its members by providing the opportunity to attend workshops, seminars, and speeches from industry leaders such as Development Solutions NGO. By meeting and sharing best practices, MMCI hopes to increase the knowledge of its members on a monthly basis.

Since January 2012, MMCI published MMCI Advisor Magazine, which gives a powerful voice to the management consulting industry of Mongolia each month. Articles include such topics as “Winning the Consumer Decision Journey”, “Financial Consulting”, “Management Consulting”, “HRM consulting”, “Marketing Consulting”, and “Business Excellence Framework”.

MMCI members also attend several training programs to help build the capacity and competency of its management consultants. Given the success of such programs, MMCI plans to hold such sessions on a quarterly basis.

MMCI wishes to help clients and consultants work together to achieve the best results and is attempting to find way to demonstrate and recognize the value of consultancy in a developing market, hence receiving the distinction of Dynamic Association by the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation.

Address: 4th floor, Unity center, Sukhbaatar district-8, Student street-44

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 560032

Phone: (Office) 976-11-311773, (Mobile) 976-99076062

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.mmci.mn

Special Recognition

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club

The Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB), established in 2012, received a special recognition from the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation after it initiated the new project UCAB AgriSchool. Within the last decade Ukrainian agricultural production has developed rapidly due to factors such as the transition to market economy, good access to huge land resources, fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions. However, today’s Ukrainian agricultural education does not always adequately respond to the needs of companies in terms of skills and qualifications of young graduating specialists. The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club estimated that 40% of agricultural enterprises expressed a lack of skilled middle level production and management staff.

The AgriSchool project introduced the modular system for the first time in Ukraine, consisting of the main modules which cover production, management, and the marketing cycle in crop production. The module attracted a wide audience of specialists and representatives of agricultural companies without interrupting the production process.

To facilitate the access to each module so-called “rolling system” is used – the listener may join the AgriSchool at any module. And if he/she missed some particular module, they may join during the next cycle of AgriSchool.

Representatives of the leading Ukrainian and world universities, advanced resource companies, agribusiness, possessing successful experience of agricultural production in Ukraine are involved as the instructors in UCAB AgriSchool. In 2012, six modules of “AgriSchool Crop Production” have been organized according to topics regarding soil science, seeding, agrichemistry, agricultural machinery, harvesting, and finance, and management. These modules were attended by more than 200 participants from 55 different agricultural companies.

UCAB is not planning to stop only at crop production in the AgriSchool. Answering the demand of the industry, the “AgriSchool Fruits” was recently begun with 2 modules already organized. And starting in 2013, the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club initiated “AgriSchool Dairy Cattle Management” due to the increasing demand in consultancy in that relevant sector.

During the last year AgriSchool has proved as an excellent extension and consultancy service provided to agricultural producers – a target group traditionally very reluctant to any attempt of external consulting- and is eager to broaden the scope and awareness of Ukrainian and agricultural producers worldwide, reaching new results in their businesses and ensuring food security in the world.

Address: 20-A, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street

Kyiv, Ukraine 01001

Phone: (Office) +380442014950, (Mobile) +380958088820

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.agribusiness.kiev.ua