Award Winners 2023

Dr. Sunil Abrol, ICPR Consulting Firm
ANKON Consulting

International Award for Excellence in Consulting 2023

Award Category: Global Leadership

Award Recipient: CMC-Ukraine

Country: Ukraine

CMC-Ukraine has also become a recipient of the special Award for Ukraine

Project: Business development services provided to Ukrainian MSME in crisis due to the ongoing war, GIZ.

Established in 2011, CMC-Ukraine has become a pillar of the Ukrainian management consulting industry. As an accredited member of ICMCI - CMC-Global and the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO), it serves as a vital hub for advancing the management consulting profession and elevating business standards throughout Ukraine.

In the face of the Russian invasion, CMC-Ukraine has played a crucial role in bolstering and sustaining Ukrainian businesses, particularly MSMEs, through their significant project, 'BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PROVIDED TO UKRAINIAN MSME IN CRISIS DUE TO THE ONGOING WAR,' in collaboration with GIZ.

In response to the urgent needs of businesses impacted by the war, CMC-Ukraine initiated a Mobilization Call in March 2022. This call attracted 110 consultants dedicated to supporting Ukrainian businesses. Of these, 60 were carefully selected and comprehensively trained in line with ISO 20700 standards. These consultants committed 1,600 days to aid 440 MSMEs, thereby impacting around 100,000 employees. This initiative not only delivered essential support to businesses in crisis but also exemplified the unity, resilience, and strength of the Ukrainian consulting sector under duress.

CMC-Ukraine's mission to foster and disseminate international professional standards has been a key factor in reinforcing Ukraine's economic resilience. The organization's unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with its pivotal role in aiding businesses during the wartime, highlight its profound impact on Ukraine's victory and endurance. This remarkable achievement aptly qualifies CMC-Ukraine as the deserving recipient of the International Award for Excellence in Consulting in the “Global Leadership” category, as well as Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation’s special Award for Ukraine.

International Award for Excellence in Consulting 2023

Award Category: Human Rights – Youth Integration

Award Recipient: Dr. Sunil Abrol, ICPR Consulting Firm

Location: New Delhi, India

Project: Demonstrating the benefits of Degree Apprenticeship Model in Indian context for enhancing employability of youth.

Dr. Sunil Abrol, leading the ICPR Consulting Firm in New Delhi, has distinguished himself through the project funded by DFID, the UK Government's Department for International Development, which showcased the effectiveness of the Degree Apprenticeship Model in enhancing youth employability in India.

In partnership with NOCN, UK Awarding Body, SVSU, Skills University, and Satya Microfinance Ltd, this initiative engaged 30 students from the BVoc Financial Services course. Dr. Abrol's leadership was instrumental in the comprehensive design, development, and execution of the curriculum, along with the training of mentors and trainers.

The project yielded remarkable results, with 25 out of 30 students securing employment afterwards, highlighting its impact in fostering youth employability and integration. Dr. Abrol's exceptional guidance at ICPR Consulting Firm and his commitment to raising educational standards and job readiness among Indian youth have rightfully secured him the International Award for Excellence in Consulting in the "Human Rights - Youth Integration" category.

International Award for Excellence in Consulting 2023

Award Category: Human Rights – Youth Integration

Award Recipient: ANKON Consulting

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Project: Social and Economic Cohesion Through Vocational and Technical Education (SEUP)

ANKON Consulting has achieved great success in the fields of technical assistance, development strategy, capacity building, and consulting services for the Turkish Ministry of National Education. The organization's profound impact is especially notable in its project designed to foster social and economic cohesion between Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and Turkish host communities, aimed at improving their employability and qualifications.

This project, centered on providing inclusive, quality vocational education and training for Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and Turkish adolescents in need, successfully completed 15 initiatives and is reporting progress in its second phase with the broader scope.

The SEUP Project focused on economic empowerment, reducing dependence on governmental aid, and enhancing livelihoods through vocational training and entrepreneurial opportunities. Key components of the project involved integrating Syrian children into the Turkish education system, enhancing vocational education facilities, encouraging school attendance, and involving Syrian instructors to aid integration.

The project's achievements include increased employability among adult Syrians under Temporary protection, reduced dependency on government support, and improved social integration. Crucially, the project has improved the quality of vocational education in Turkey, benefiting both Syrian and Turkish students.

ANKON Consulting's dedication to human rights and its effective role in integrating youth from vulnerable backgrounds into the Turkish workforce have rightfully earned them the International Award for Excellence in Consulting in the “Human Rights – Youth Integration” category.

International Award for Excellence in Consulting 2023

Award Category: Environmental Responsibility

Award Recipient: TajHydro

Country: Tajikistan

Project: Tajikistan Rural Electrification

TajHydro has made an impactful contribution in Tajikistan, specifically in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, through its innovative project focusing on renewable energy-based micro-grids. This initiative aimed to electrify 35 settlements, enhancing electricity access for an average of at least 14 hours a day.

The project, which marked a strategic investment, involved constructing small networks for electricity production, including small hydropower plants, wind generators, and solar panels, as well as the necessary infrastructure for electricity distribution. This sustainable approach significantly reduced the usage of diesel fuel, coal, and other traditional fuels, leading to environmental improvements.

TajHydro's efforts support not only the local communities in some of Tajikistan's poorest and most remote areas but also contribute to socio-economic development across the border in Afghanistan. The project is a testament to TajHydro's commitment to sustainable development, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing human capital through access to electricity.

Their success in overcoming challenges related to high altitude and remote areas and adapting to changing conditions has been commendable. The first phase of the project achieved the basic design, environmental impact analysis, and preparation for the next phase.

TajHydro's role in this project exemplifies their excellence in consulting, especially in the field of renewable energy and environmental responsibility, making them a fitting recipient of the International Award for Excellence in Consulting in the “Environmental Responsibility” category.

Special “Award for Ukraine” 2023

Award Recipient: LogoClub

Country: Ukraine

Founded in 2019 in the city of Vinnytsia, LogoClub has emerged as a leading therapy center for children, especially those with special needs and complex conditions. Under the direction of Dr. Alona Korol, LogoClub has grown to include a dedicated team of 20 specialists who offer speech therapy, behavioral therapy, and further support across a wide age range, tackling disorders such as ADHD, mutism, and autism spectrum disorders.

In the face of the Russian war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic, LogoClub has risen to the challenge, adapting its services to handle increasingly complex cases, which now include PTSD and issues stemming from disrupted socialization. The establishment of a Special Needs Department in 2022 and the implementation of online counseling are testaments to their commitment to reaching out to displaced children with urgent needs.

To date, LogoClub has provided transformative care to approximately 4,000 children, demonstrating remarkable resilience and a capacity for innovation in a nation affected by war. With a self-sustaining model fueled by contributions from parents, private donors, and a partnership with Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University, LogoClub continues to expand its services.

The center's accomplishments, including its significant online presence and the development of new departments, position it as a symbol of hope and forward movement, overcoming the challenges of war with unwavering dedication.