(On the creation of the Consortium of Consulting Organizations in Kazakhstan, which happened at the Almaty conference in 2012): "We can already say that this event on the Kazakhstan market of consulting and research services pushed forward the development of the industry and showed that the new Consortium is the real force to be recognized by all stakeholders, including the state. The main thing now is not to stop but to continue building on the success with further progressive activities aimed at promoting the professions of “Consultant” and “Researcher.” Many of our colleagues at BAS programs in other countries are impressed with [the Foundations] achievements and would like to learn from [the] experience. As a result, some interesting prospects for international cooperation open up for you and your business.  Preparation for the conference and finding solutions together demonstrated that the Consortium is viable and represents a true unity. Keep on going!”


Zhanibek Suleimenov, Director of the Kazakhstan BAS Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development