"Consulting Without Borders 2022: Degrowth"
1 February 2022
13:00-16:00 GMT

One of the goals of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation is to promote sustainability, which we see as a balance between the environment, social justice, and the economy. This year we decided to discuss alternative concepts for sustainability, which dig deeper into ways to optimize human and planetary wellbeing by minimizing inequality, poverty, and environmental harm.

The keynote presentation on Degrowth will answer the following questions:

  1. What is degrowth and why is it important for sustainability?
  2. What is the history and the main principles of degrowth thinking?
  3. What are some examples of degrowth policies and actions in the global North and South alike?

About the Conference on February 1-2, 2021:

"This was a wonderful event and truly international! It was amazing to have an opportunity to witness world-class consultants discussing the most urgent and fundamental global issues. While effective international partnerships, education on climate change and global happiness might not be on consultants’ daily agenda, events like this remind us what our efforts should be focused on. I will be following closely all of Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation’s upcoming events, and I invite everyone to join this growing community in their contribution to sustainable development.

As an Award winner this year, I am very grateful that social problems we tried to highlight and resolve in our project were noticed and appreciated by the Committee. It gives us a strong motivation and drive to continue growing as a socially responsible consultant."

/Dinara Yessenova, Kazakhstan, Best Consulting Project 2020 in the “Social Reform” category/

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