Consulting Without Borders LIVE - Perspectives, Episode 22:
Green Reforms in Tajikistan
1 April 2024, 13:00 GMT / UTC

Tune in to the 22nd episode of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation's series "Consulting Without Borders LIVE – Perspectives," featuring international consultants and experts dedicated to addressing global challenges, promoting professional excellence, and fostering a sustainable future.

We are delighted to welcome Jovid Gulommukhidinov, Managing Director of TajHydro Consulting, for a conversation on Tajikistan’s green reforms.

Did you know that Tajikistan, with its diverse landscape and unique climate, is actively developing renewable energy sources?

In this episode:

  1. Discover Tajikistan's energy challenges and advancements in response to climate change;
  2. Learn about the country's progress in infrastructure modernization, regulatory enhancements, skill development, and financial support for sustainable energy practices;
  3. Explore the significance of global collaboration and access to financial and technical support in driving Tajikistan's sustainable progress, exemplified by TajHydro's work.

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